These are the weapons that Zychronians use.

Standard WeaponsEdit

Assault riflesEdit

Their guns shoot out bullets that can change density to an extreme level. The bullets have sensors that can track their target. When they hit their target, they explode,sending pain throughout the entire body. They use whatever they can get their hands on.

Nuclear weaponryEdit

They are very good with nuclear bombs, missiles, rockets, and they use nuclear fusion to power vehicles. They use nuclear fission to make bombs more powerful.

Heat weaponsEdit


This is a flamethrower like weapon, with flames capable of burning even in water, it keeps burning until it runs out of fuel.

Light weaponsEdit

They can control and manipulate light to make themselves invisible, blind enemies, or create illusions to make it seem like they can send darknes over an entire planet.



Soldiers have to go through 15 years of rigourous training to become soldiers. during this training, their physical and mental attributes are put to the test. They wear high tech suits made of different materials that can increase physical attributes, provide extra protection, and render them invisible. These suits have a special material that is able to bring the soldier back from death 3 times before it runs out. These suits have A.I. constantly informing you about everything happening on the battlefield. The suit is powered by a central battery that must be recharged every 3 days. This battery sends out power signals to power the suit.


The Zychronians have robots that are very useful in battle. These robots stand 100 ft tall and have tenticle-like arms. They have built in turret guns, missles, and energy beams which can do a lot of damage. Multiple robots can stack on stop of each other to make some kind of tall, super robot.

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