A Krijgvolk colony on Zwaarijs - Uitbarsten can be seen in the background

Zwaarijs is the largest moon in orbit around Verweg.


An icy moon, Zwaarijs' temperature can fall below -80 degrees Celsius. However, loads of uranium are underneath the surface, and the veins are constantly being mined. Also, large amounts of titanium are underneath the surface, and as such, much of it was used to construct the Vengeance.

The atmosphere of Zwaarijs is breathable for the Krijgvolk. However, a hydration filter must be placed over their mouth, and several layers of insulation is required for the Krijgvolk to survive outside a vehicle for a short time.


Due to the mining, several Krijgvolk live here, Their colonies are relatively large, made out of Warsteel, and in the center of each one is a uranium or titanium mine. Here Krijgvolk operate machinery that takes uranium ore out of the ground, and refine it at a refinery at the outer reaches of the colony. In between these two areas are arenas, residential buildings, and entertainment buildings, such as casinos, theaters, and stores.

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