A sketch of the Zorlakk, by an anonymous artist

Zorlakks are the dominant predator of the Vers Forest . They are very large, and have several interesting adaptations to a predatorial lifestyle.


Zorlakks, being the dominant predators of the Vers Forest, have several features that show an aggravated look.


With 3 nostrils, the middle one mainly used for filtering, they have a great sense of smell. However, their small eyes limit their abilty of sight, and are nearly deaf.

Another adaptation are the digging claws on both of its front legs. These are used for building nests and setting pit traps, but are not used in combat.

The Zorlakk appear to have a membrane on its skin, but in fact it is a reptile. This wetness is caused by a septic poison that has several kinds of bacteria that the Zorlakk is immune to.


Zorlaak are non-sapient, but have a high intelligence for a reptile.

They are highly aggressive, and even will attack others of its species when hungered. They are the second greatest threats in the Vers Forest, after the Za-Zorlakk. The only exception to its aggressiveness is during mating season, which happens every around two years, in the hottest time of the year.

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