Zophicalus is a planet located near Skrap in the Viperius Galaxy.


Zophicalus is a barren planet, much like Skrap, although no life whatsoever exists in its ecosystems. A toxic atmosphere spawn clouds that rain sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, caustic alkalis that contribute to the planet's orange colour.

Due to the thinness of the atmosphere, Zophicalus reaches extremely cold temperatures regularly. As a result, metallic ice pools accumulate on the surface, some stretching several hundred miles wide. The lowest documented temperature on Zophicalus was equivalent to -267 degrees celsius, cold so that any underexposed sapient would freeze to death instantly and perhaps crumble grotesquely to pieces. This requires the most advanced technology available to prevent this. This is extremely hard to protect against, as heating systems to counteract this need to be extremely powerful.

The only way to closely observe Zophicalus easily is by a cold-resistant probe, during a time when the planet is at its warmest. Many have strived to gain access to Zophicalus's alkaline metal reservoirs deep under the surface.

Due to a strong magnetic field, Zophicalus's gravity is so great that if one were to toss a stone the stone would fall right to the ground.

The planet, defined by scientists, is a magnetic anomaly. The planet is seen by some as an 'arbiter of Death and Hell', others as an opportunity to get rich of the metal deposits.

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