Zirdan is the first moon of Rovaria and Voricia. It is mainly carbonate and has a small mass.


Zirdan is large enough to maintain a spherical shape, but has no atmosphere.


With a diameter of .51 times earth, Zirdan's heavier qualities make it have a mass of 0.25 times earth. Its density is due to heavier zinc and copper-based carbonates such as azurite.


Zirdan takes 31.33 days to orbit Rovaria and Voricia. It is tidally locked to the center of the two planets' orbits.


Zirdan is mainly heavier carbon compounds such as hydromagnesite, a magnesium-carbon compound. Unlike most zinc-copper planets, Zirdan is more magnesium and sodium-based. Other minerals feature dolomite, lansfordite, and natrite. Zirdan has no atmosphere.


Zirdan was the first moon of Rovaria and Voricia to be colonized. It was first colonized by Rovians, but was overtaken by Vorian forces a year before the Laoine arrived.

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