The continent of Ziarna

Ziarna is the larger of the two continents on Piasek.


Ziarna is a desert continent. The entire continent is covered in sand or rocks, and is a dusty yellow colour. There are known to be lots of rock caves across the continent. These are now used by Spytkalats to hide from Staerks.


Piasek was, and still is, tectonically active, so Ziarna was originally much further away from Lumi. However, now they are closer, and still moving towards each other, ever so slowly. There will most likely be a cataclysmic crash at some point in the future.

Ziarna was originally ruled by the predatory Spytkalat, until the Staerk arrived and drove them to near extinction. Now, the Staerks are dominant on Ziarna.

Plant LifeEdit

Ziarna, though a desert, still holds lots of plant life, mostly small shrubs that grow in the rocky regions, but also various types of cacti.


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