Zephyr System


Iko, Pa'atun

Notable Species:




To see a list of the flora and fauna of Zeiklos, click here.

Zeiklos is a terrestrial planet that orbits a relatively small orange sun in the Zephyr System, located in the Materia Galaxy.

It is appoximately 3/4ths the size of Earth. The climate, seasons, and atmosphere are all comparable to Earth's as well. The surface is practically covered in dense, blue flora, with small deserts few and far inbetween. About 65% of the planets' surface is water, with high concentrations of ice at the poles. It has two small, rocky moons: Pa'atun and Iko, which are little more than asteroids caught in Zeiklos' orbit. It also has a small belt surrounding it, likely the result of an asteroid collision with its' moons. There are seven large continents on Zeiklos' surface.

In ancient times, a massive amount of Dimensional Rifts appeared on the planet, likely a consequence of The Merge. This allowed Zeiklos to be seeded by many forms of life, contributing to the large amount of genetic diversity on the planet.

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