The Zakhluun are a sapient species of reptiles living in tribes on the planet of Zaktheran in the Aaerthena Galaxy. They live on large islands that makes up for most of the landmass on Zaktheran.


The Zakhluun are 2,5m large bipedals with a tough scaled hide. They have spikes on their back and shoulders that protects them from avian predators.


The Zakhluun reproduce during the two mating seasons. Each seasons lasts 2 weeks and occurs every 4 months (Zaktheran has only 8 months). The male fertilises the eggs laid by the females, these clutches can obtain up to 16 eggs but only half of them will hatch and of the hatched eggs only half of them will survive the first year.


The Zakhluun mostly eat nutritious plants but frequently hunt for herd animals.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

The Zakhluun live in tribes that coexist peacefully with each other, they occasionally trade goods and females with each other to maintain their relationships.


The Zakhluun believe in a demon god that has to be pleased with sacrifices in order to gain it's favour.


IV- Intercontinental, this species has explored several continents

Relation towards other speciesEdit

  • Andavron: The Andavron have several bases on Zaktheran and fought many brutal battles against each other during their civil war. Some tribes offered their services whilst others fought them and died. Relation = Neutral/hostile (depending on the tribes).

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