The Za-Zorlakk is a mutation of the common Zorlakk, and so lives in the Vers Forest. It has several adaptations that allow it to decieve Krijgvolk, who now hunt them. For one, they have a greener tint, so they can hide among the moss coated on the trees. They have also learned that this can help them hunt many different creatures which rely on sight for spotting them.


Much like the Zorlakk, the Za-Zorlakk is quadripedal, and has three nostrils. These nostrils aid them in finding prey, as they are carnivores. Two are located on the sides of the thin snout, and the third is located on the front, and is in a slitted shape. The two side ones, spherical, have diameters of about 4 centimeters. The third one is 7 centimeters tall, but only two centimeters wide.

The musculature of the Za variation has allowed it to run faster and take more damage. This is because of the thicker weaving of the muscles, in a criss-cross pattern. Also, it has less of a lactic acid buildup than most species, and so have a greater endurance. However, this can kill them from exhaustion. Their maximum speed is about 50 kilometers an hour.


Big creatures, the Za-Zorlakk is slightly larger than the common Zorlakk, at 6 meters long. They are also around 4 meters tall, and can easily overpower species smaller than them because they weigh at least 8 metric tons. They are about two times the size of the terran elephant.


Although non-sapient, they have shown signs of intelligence. For example, they use their claws to build traps, however not as big as the Zorlakks', they are much more efficient. Most just involve a series of sticks put over a large hole, covered with leaves and moss. However, they show almost none other, having no society whatsoever.

The Za-Zorlakk are solitary, and the only times they would get together is during a Krijgvolk hunt, because they have a greater chance of survival together, and during mating season.

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