The Yorkhnuum are a sapient species of synthetics native to the Viperius Galaxy System, their homeworld is unknown.


The Yorkhnuum have always been a violent race having destroyed many civilisations in their home galaxy. Those they feared or these they could destroy where always the victims of their aggresion. The Quaghnam know this the best...

Appearance/Military DoctrineEdit


The Yorkhnuum have many forms to suit their need, most of these forms are about 6 to 8m big.

  • Y-Drone: A stealthy robot tasked with scouting areas, discovering enemy positions and serve as a comm buoy. When prone this robot is 0,6m high but when standing erect it is 2m.
  • Y-Soldier: The main infantry of the Yorkhnuum, they are highly agile and use strong weaponry to take out theur enemy. About 2m big.
  • Y-Bombardier: The bombardier serves as a demolition unit that can fire blobs of plasma or energy from great distances. They provide covering fire for the Soldiers, and if needed the higher ranked troops, by taking out foritfications. They also house small built in laser guns and missiles that can be fired to keep the airspace clear. The bombardier is 5m big
  • Y-Heavy: The heavy is, as it's name suggests, a heavy unit meant to assualt enemy positions. Their weapon can provide air cover and can easily take care of cover when using explosive rounds. This unit is 6m big.
  • Y-Supreme: The supreme is an elite unit rarely excelled by others, their body is made to endure, deflect and inflict fear. Their waponry makes history of fortifications and vehicles within seconds. This unit is 6m big.
  • Y-Atlas: The Atlas is the strongest unit made by the Yorkhnuum, this 8m tall construct can inflict death on a large scale. It is equipped with the strongest weapons the Yorkhnuum have invented, destroying one of these is not an easy job. They are equipped with wings to fly around on the battlefield.


For main article, see: Yorkhnuum Weaopnry

The Yorkhnuum make use of plasma, chemical and energy based weaponry.


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The Yorkhnuum make use of giant spaceships that house millions of soldiers, these are often led by an Atlas or a Supreme. Their ships are created to serve all purposes, transportation, war and exploration.


They only require energy.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

The Yorkhnuum are very intelligent making use of servers to merge their minds to invent new theories and technologies in a rapid pace.

Theor society is made of castes in which the Atlas is ranked the highest. If a new rank would be made the Atlas would be ranked second, but it is known that the Atlases have disturbed progress on a better form to attain their position.


They are of Class-XII.

Opinion towards other speciesEdit

The Yorkhnuum will always act hostile but will never attack when they know they cannot win, when provoked or intimated they will open fire.

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