Primitive Yhang form

A primitive form of Yhang.

These things are the same as their origin, a bacteria, a disease, they can't be trusted...yet. We shall keep watching them and maybe later we could learn to live together...
- Fram-Gop'kzing preaching to his followers on the tomb-mountain in the holy city Yhrut'Vas nuzol.

By Fram-Gop'kzing! These things are Yhang! They survived the ice age, where did they hide...?

- A Isthom scout after seeing several Yhang wander the surface of Gyxor again

The Yhang are the result of the Amogén plague, they came into existance near the end when the inhabitants of Gyxor started to adapt to the disease. A dying Ovgul crashed near a puddle of water, following the symptoms of the Amogén plague the Ogul started to bleed. The blood, wich contained cells to adapt to the disease, came into contact with the water. The cells somehow changed the composition and turned it into a gelatinous substance, sand that was in the water also changed composition and formed a sapient ball of a unknown material. This ball(called a hive)is somehow connected with the gelatinous mass and is able to manipulate it. This 'new' life is able to digest almost anything and transform it into even more gelatinous mass. When the mass reaches a weight of 50 kilo it makes another hive and splits in two. This proces repeats itself(same way of reproduction as bacteria)until the Yhang reach a certain amount of numbers, they are aware of their numbers through a pheromonal link(the Hives are linked to each other).


Their body is composed of a gelatinous mass with a ball(hive)in it, these 2 things together are called a colony. They have to keep themselves moist in order to move around(they have the moist level of a frog), if they don't they start to harden and die.


They can digest almost anything(several materials are unknown due to the fact they do not excist on Gyxor).

Intelligence and societyEdit

They live in one giant group and don't seem to be having a society. They talk to each other with pheromones. They communicate with other species with hand gestures.


IV- Intercontinental.

Militairy doctrineEdit

The Yhang have no form of soldiers.


They came into excistance at the end of the Amogén plague, they never tried to make contact with another species. During the first Gyxorian ice age they vanished but afterwards were sighted again.

Relations with other racesEdit

They have encountered the Astin on several occasions but decided to neglect them.

Notable YhangsEdit

The Yhang all equal each other and have no desire for a name.

Important cities/locationsEdit

Vagna imirus(Birthplace), the location where the Yhang came into existance.

In fictionEdit

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