A Tengu of the Yamabushi Cult

The Yamabushi Cult is a special group of Tengu that plan attacks on enemies of the Daemons.


Cult members are different from normal Tengu in that they have brown skin. They also wear red cloaks. It is rumored that a Tengu born with brown skin is automatically entered into the cult personally by a member of the Seven. This may be because brown-skinned Tengu seem to have greater powers than normal orange ones.

Current MembersEdit

  • Sojobo (cult leader)
  • Tarobo (deputy)
  • Jirobo (expert of foreign races)
  • Sanjakubo (chief strategist)
  • Ryuhobo (planetary advisor)
  • Buzenbo (weapons creator)
  • Hokibo (scientific advisor)
  • Myogibo (area supervisor)

Cult TasksEdit

The Cult meets on different planets and moons in the Daemoniverse randomly, as to deter any possible spies. The planets they meet on include Inferno, Nether, and Lanka, and always in the mountains and wastelands, or sometimes even deep underground. They bring Watchers with them to guard the area while they meet. It is not known where they are based.

In meetings, they form and discuss strategies to surprise, disable, and then conquer civilizations.

Sometimes they deploy more patient and secretive strategies, gradually weakening unsuspecting victims.


The Cult has a ship, the Trickster, that allows them to travel to different planets for their meetings.

It is possible that they create other devices.

In FictionEdit

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