A map of Xusz.

Xusz is a SHK planet located in the Rhodikh Galaxy. It is owned by the Tikhio and is known for the Treaty of Xusz.


Xusz has a size that is 1.89 times that of Earth's.


This planet's orbital period is around 213 days, and it takes 32,1 hours to rotate fully. It's axial tilt is 289.4°.


Xusz's surface is for 97% made out of water, the remaining 3% are land and unsettled. The seas within a radius of 500 km from the land are undeep (ranging from 20 m to 140 m) and are dotted with spaceports and building built on large cilinder like tubes.

The Tikhio have not only built above the water but also underneath it, many bases are scatered all over the seabottom. Some are for military purpose, some scientific but most are for housing. The Tikhio had to deal with the extreme pressure on the seafloor when building these.

The average temperature is 31°C.


Xusz has 1 moon (Xern) and 47 space stations. 7 of these are for diplomatic purposes, 12 for scientific, 8 for residential and 30 for military. The military space stations around Xusz are larger than others made by the Tikhio and are far more advanced.


The Tikhio colonised the planet and quickly made a Server terminal linking it with their political force.



  • The Tikhio felt drawn towards the planet and did not stumble upon it, they went straight towards it and directly made plans to explore the seafloor. They seem to be searching for something.

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