Xi combat, or magick, is the art of using xi energy to control arcanotrons, aether, or vril. This refers to when it is applied in offense as well as defense. For an overview on these forms of exotic matter and energy, see Xion.


Like electromagnetic energy, xi is divided into several spectrums -- seven in total. Each spectrum is linked to a specific chakra (vortexes of swirling xi energy) within the body of every sapient being. By learning to control the xi in one’s own body, any race can control, to an extent, the structure of the physical universe. Some individuals or races are adept at using only a few spectrums in combat, while some are generalists; it depends on whichever chakras are larger than others.

Below is each spectrum, their occult symbolism, and the aspects of reality/forms of matter (hereby referred to as 'elements') they can mimic or control (spectrum | symbolism | elements).

  • Geoss | Structure | Stone, Metal, Glass, Sand, Crystal, Lava, Clay
  • Aquos | Flux | Water, Air, Ice, Sonic
  • Pyros | Destruction | Fire, Lightning, Plasma, Nuclear, Light
  • Natra | Nature | Plants, Animals, Fungi, Healing, Disease, Flesh, Toxin
  • Nekro | Death | Blood, Corpses, Ectoplasm, Shadow, Void
  • Menta | Perception | Thought, Time, Illusion, Psychic
  • Theos | Truth | Aether, Vril

Mnemonic DevicesEdit

In order to properly control xi and/or transmute it into arcanotrons, one must invent a mnemonic system that helps focus an individuals will, and therefore the conscious intent that xi responds to. This has lead to a variety of rituals, incantations, and spells from innumerable races.

It has been observed that the longer the duration of a desired effect; the longer the mnemonic trigger needs to be; this is because one must focus ones' thoughts and will for a longer amount of time in order to "charge up" the necessary amount of xi.

For example, an adept in the Pyros spectrum might shout the word "electro" while making a forceful throwing motion in order to shoot a lightening bolt at an enemy. By contrast, a Geoss adept might require the recitation of an entire mantra, poem, or song in order to create a suit of armor out of stone.

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