Xenta'den (Zen-TAH-dehn), meaning home to none, is the second of two planets in the Celron'ti System, and a gas giant. It has a mass of around 300 earth masses, and has several moons, although few are even large enough to house a few hundred sapients.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Xenta'den is a large, cold gas giant similar to Sol's Jupiter.


The average radius of Xenta'den is 70,000 kilometers, giving it a volume of around 900 trillion cubic kilometers, and a density of approximately 1.2g/cm^3. 


Xenta'den is nearly 100% hydrogen, especially towards its core, where it is nearly completely metallic liquid hydrogen. Despite this, even at the core, "strange" matter is seen, such as helium superfluids etc. The upper atmosphere is much less pure with nearly 1% helium, with traces of several aromatics such as benzene and chlorobenzene to name a couple.


Xenta'den takes 740 days to orbit its red dwarf star, which is less than four times Xenta'den's size. Its kepler orbit has an eccentricity of e=0.1, making it a very stable orbit.

Moons and RingsEdit

Xenta'den has several moons, but the main reason for not colonizing them is the constant asteroid impacts. Since the Celron native to the system have all but removed all trace of minerals, the large rings now serve mainly as ambush locations for home invasions.


Xenta'den is a white and light blue world, due to the majority of colorless materials in it. There are no significant rings, although massive storms wrack the clouds, some reaching sizes ten times greater than the great red spot. However, these are barely visible to the naked eye.

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