The Xenobiology Channel is a network holovision channel. Once restricted to Centro, it has now spread to Skrap and New Ishtar.


Despite the name, most shows on the channel are not about xenobiology. Once, the channel focused on alien life living on planets such as Kaventro, Dawn and Skrap, but recently it has changed into a general reality HV channel.

List of showsEdit

  • Dwaman Awards, a comedy documentary about unusual deaths and injuries caused by stupidity.
  • Exotic Tastes, a cooking show about cuisine from various planets.
  • Depry the Skarg, a controversial sitcom about a depressed Skarg.
  • The Eternal Prize, a game show. Known for an incident where a Zyrothan was forced to swim through boiling water, and only won 10 Credits.


Feel free to add a show to the list!

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