Scientific Name:






60-80 ft.




Plains, Hills, Wastelands, Deserts, Forests, Wetlands, Ruins



Xenarces (zen-are-sees) are massive carnivores native to Charon.

Though they are rare, they are feared all over the planet due to their wide distribution.


Xenarces resemble the theropods of Dinoterra. They have two muscular, digitgrade legs that end in four claw tipped digits; three positioned in the front, the fourth in the back. Their long, whip-like tails are tipped with a curved stinger. This stinger can deliver a lethal neurotoxin into their prey's bloodstream. Xenarces also have four comparitively small arms, with three-digit hands on each. They use these arms to carry carcasses and to push themselves up from the ground. Blue, bioluminescent patches also cover large sections of their hides.

Xenarces also have a row of dorsal spines, which are used to draw air into the lungs via small holes. A smaller, webbed set of spines are located on the skull. Their four eyes, unlike most species on Charon, are pentachromatic; they can see infrared, red, green, blue, and ultraviolet light. Chitin-like armor covers their arms, and most of their legs; the reason for this is unknown, although it may be the vestigial remains of a full exoskeleton. The small bump on their snouts are actually densely packed bundles of electrosensitive cells, which act as a sort of secondary, electroreceptive nose.


Xenarces are solitary predators found all over the planet. They are highly aggressive, but prefer to attack large prey. Sometimes they attack Charonite settlements, though usually only when food is scarce. This has made them legendary in their culture. Some Charonite raiders worship them as gods.

Females go into heat every few months, at which point they seek out a mate. She will lay her eggs in secluded patches of plants, and then leave them; their tough shells will prevent most of them from getting eaten. Males may or may not stay near the eggs, but will not actively guard them. Xenarces that find clutchs they did not fertiilize will destroy them, accounting for their relatively small numbers.

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