Xed is a TCB planet in the Viperius Galaxy System (edges of the Viperius Galaxy). Many abandoned cities cover the icy surface of which a great portion or collapsing. It is believed that it was once a THH planet, many oceans are hidden under the ice.


Xed has no actual government but the Tikhio have claimed it for themselves. Despite this they have made no attempts to colonise or mine the planet for it's resources.

They allow other species to mine but have to register themselves at the space station, which they call Drekhovan (meaning Watchdog), orbiting the planet. If the Tikhio find an unregistered camp they will open fire.


Xed has several registered mining companies and research teams but have no base themselves on the surface.

Aside from this many of the cities are infested with the apex predator, the Xedioran.

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