Xargh is a Tikhio general sealed away due to his violent behaviour and hatred towards organics


Xargh's personality is based upon a brilliant tactician, he never hesitates to kill and attack his enemies. He has a cold and serious personality and is highly sadistic.


It is unknown when he was created. He served as a general during a short conflict against un unknown race of organics who quickly retreated after the Tikhio counter-attacked with big force which startled them. During the 5 battles made during this conflict Xargh led his troops towards victory in 4 of them participating in the fight personaly. After each fight he took home some prisoners and cruely tortured them until they died of their injuries.

When this leaked out the Tikhio wanted to destroy him with the claim that this could work negatively during future negotiations, but Xargh defended himself with the claim that this was necessary to make a point. The Tikhio then decided to isolate him and release him when they would have need of him.

An example of this is when the Tikhio attacked Gyxor in order to liberate it from the Ad Mortem Cell. Xargh was given 12.000 ships and 180.000 troops, the Shadow System was also used during this fight.


  • Not only did Xargh lead many troops towards victory, he also created his own personal division called the Shadow Systems.
  • Xargh was the Tikhio leading the attack on Gyxor in order to liberate it from the Ad Mortem Cell.

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