The Wrath of Athek is the largest and most powerful ship in the Salsene Grand Fleet. Its name is taken from the god of war in Salsene Mythology.


The Wrath of Athek is an elongated disc over five kilometres in diameter, with a surface area of fifty square miles. It is painted green, with two yellow eyespots on the front end. The two superlaser bays stand out on its underside.


The main weapons of the ship are two massive laser beams, each with variable wavelength but extreme power. If fired at a planetary surface, a pulse from each would release similiar energy to fifty ten-megaton hydrogen bombs..

Secondary weapons include anti-matter missiles, which can be used for planetary bombardment. It is also armed with helium bombs, although these have not been used as of yet.


The Wrath of Athek was built in the same year the Kerarans were discovered. This is because the Grand Fleet wished to even the odds against their inter-galactic enemies.

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