Wraith are eerie Grakk used by Daemons to break the will of slaves and prisoners.
Wraith maybe creeping

A Wraith


Wraith have pale faces, with no true jaws. They are liquivores, and can feed off of creatures with their circular mouth. They wear black cloaks.


Wraith are capable of 'telepathy', apparently using cybernetic augments. Using this, they can read the minds of prisoners in order to discover new information. They read the levels of activity in parts of the brain, and use this to build up images, words, and emotional responses. They have to have a 3D view, so usually travel around the subject while examining, making them look even more threatening. Their 'telepathy' does not work on cyborgs.

They can also project emotions into the minds of others; however, this does not work on Daemons because they have unconventional emotions. They are frequently used on Rennites and Typhons.

Soulbane makes frequent use of these creatures due to his sadism.

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