Auctor World-ships are massive planet sized spaceships. They carry thousands of factories, cargo, citadels, ships, and SEEDs. Only 10 exist


The World-ships' primary armarent is millions of K-Energy cannons and missiles. SEED missle silos are placed where nessacary.


Since they are the size of planets, they are constrcted peice by peice and fused together in space stations. Starting with the skeleton of the ship. Then the life support and weapons systems are fitted. After this engines and transportation systems are added. At this point the ship can be flown, but is almost useless in combat due to lack of armor. Armor plates around as thick as a planets crust are constructed peice by peice, layer by layer. untill the world ship is fully operational.


Getting from place to place would have been tedious in such a large ship. Short ranged FTL relays are used to transport things from place to place.

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