A picture of Wisp.

Wisp is an interdimensional entity and a member of The Order. He appears as a ball of white glowing light and appears to be very interested in the events of Obeidon. Therefore he has been appointed as the historian of The Order, that and the fact he has perfect memorisation. When he speaks he always answers with 'This One'(example: This One shall make an example to explain to you how This One talks to others).


Wisp does not seem to have many powers, compared to the other members of The Order, but has a small form of their lightning bolt attack. He has also been spotted while warping. Wisp also has the ability to merge with any living being aside from other interdimensional beings. He also has the power to link minds with another species and let them see what Wisp sees, he can do this personally or with a small fragment of his source. He also seems to be able to see several days ahead to the future knowing where war will begin to memorise it's events.

Recently he revealed a new power, he can store endless amounts of objects (smaller then his size)in himself.


Wisp does not seem to meddle with the business of Obeidon that much. If a war would occur he would simply look at it all and memorise it. However, at several occasions he has helped species with problems.

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