Windbreak Mountain







The Windbreak Mountain is the only semi-hospitable point of land on Tandrigith. It is located at the "north pole" of Tandrigith, on the highest peak of a mountain. A flat plain where regular air currents are swept through. Ironically, Windbreak Mountain is the most barren spot of life on the planet, probably due to the fact that the inhabitants have grown used to living in the hotter places of Tandrigith. However, there used to be a civilization of beings that inhabited the Windbreak Mountain called the Freyans. Not much is known about the Freyans except for the fact that they loved art and they nurtured the earth beneath them. They led Windbreak Mountain to bloom with life. Sometime in the distant past however, something smote the Freyans from the world and blackened the ground of Windbreak Mountain. The ground had already begun to recover when the Salsenes discovered the planet. The Salsenes put up a bio-dome on the Windbreak Mountain and begun to explore the planet from their base-of-operations. The ruins of the Freyans still litter the ground however, standing strong after thousands of years.

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