Wikhyam is the Twik-Twikh homeplanet, it is situated in the Voltoriém Galaxy System, Rhyeha Galaxy, Lum Solar System. It is the fourth planet from Lum.

The planet was once an entire war zone as the 7 evolved species fought for thousands of years with each other, the Twik-Twikhs did not fight and endured everything with the technology they invented. When the 2 remaining species, aside from the TT, were weak enough the Twik-Twikhs barged in killing off the remnants. When the Twik-Twikhs had need for more space they began to rebuild all destroyed buildings and cleaned the warzones (as these were highly radio-active).

Now the planet houses 15 billion Twik-Twikhs with a military force of 1.700.000.000 troops situated here. Wikhyam is the centralised location of the Twik-Twikh economy and commerce and serves as the house of the military parliament.

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