The surface of Wazel

Wazel is an earth-like planet in the Mustela Galaxy. It is populated by a race of weasel-like carnivores called Wazelians.

It is one of the many planets guarded by the Arcontians.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit


Wazel is a world slightly larger than Earth, although this makes little gravitational difference. The planet has many small islands, and a few interconnected continents.

The Northern Reaches of Wazel are cold, but there is little ice. Much of the area is covered in conifer forest.

Natural ResourcesEdit

Wazel is rich in metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum. Silver and gold are more common here than on Earth, and are used as decorations.

Precious gems can be found in abundance in certain areas. Diamonds are the most rare, and are available only to the rich.

A map of Wazel


Wazel's atmosphere is breathable, a mix of 77% nitrogen, 22.8% oxygen and trace other gases at a pressure of 1.02 bars. There is no shortage of water in the clouds, so it rains often.


Wazel's surface is 65% water, and 0.04% ice.


Wazel has one natural moon, called Aresus.

The Arcontians maintain a number of artificial sattelites orbiting the planet, by which they observe Wazelian activities.



A typical Wazelian

Wazel is populated by a vibrant ecosystem of animals, mainly of the mammal variety. The dominant species on the planet are the Wazelians, a race of small, weasel-like animals. Horse-like Hengists roam the planet in large herds, and large, aggressive mammals called Xalors live in the southern islands.
Political wazel map (post-styro)

Current political map of Wazel. Click to enlarge.

Stoneclodders and Nightshriekers are bred for the ongoing wars amongst the Wazelian factions. Other animals include bat-like animals raised for their meat and porcine creatures that are raised and hunted for their luxurious hides.

The oceans of Wazel are home to ravenous Sea Serpents, some of which can grow to be up to twenty feet long.

Huge, dinosaurian predators called Kravens once hunted across the central continent, but they were hunted to extinction by ancient Wazelian heroes.

The full listing of Wazelian life can be found at Wazel/Life.

In FictionEdit

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