Warsteel is an alloy commonly used by the Krijgvolk.

A large hunk of warsteel


Warsteel is about 93% titanium, 4% aluminum, 2% iron, and the rest are other metals. This makes it very hard to penetrate with standard projectile weapons, and has a high melting point, so has little effect on the equipment during battle and re-entry.


Warsteel is used in several places, such as armor, weaponry, and even as a building material. When put as a building material, it is mainly only used for infrastructure, but sometimes is used for entrances, and several highlights.

Warsteel is often used as clothing, money, or as furniture. This kind of currency is the lowest, highest being platinum and gold. Jewels are often used as well.

It is also used as the main metal in the crown of Lord Thamek Jaarak, with several precious metals and gems.

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