This planet is the fourth in the Wallice system, in the Viperius Galaxy.

The system and the planet itself is named after the scientist Alfred Russel Wallice [sic]. The life it supports are mainly either flyers or hoppers because of its low gravity. Desipte its desolate desert appearence, its choc full of life due to the thicker atmosphere. More oxygen, more lives.

One of these creatures that has the potential for being the next in line in the galactic smarts. But more on its accomplishments later. Its referred to as the Rhinose. So called because of its large nose. They're highly mobile, communicate like the Australopithecus of 3 million years ago, and can find each other just by scent alone. This in turn made their eyes small. They prey on basically small prey (See actual page coming soon for details). This desert stretches halfway around the planet. the other side has an equatorial mountain range, vast plains swirling with weather systems, cave systems reaching as far down as thirty-eight thousand feet below and an alien tropical swamp. Wallice 4 has two oceans the stretch in to the middle of the planet, fueled by the alien swamp. In time, the volcanic core of th planet will cause a massive quake to make the land masses become one (But more later) . In short its not to be confused with Darwin 4 just because of it mountains and weather system plaines. This planet also has two suns.