The head of a Wallbuster. From Jurassic Park |||.

Wallbusters are sapient chimeras created by the Cyberteeth.


Wallbusters are reptilian chimeras made from the DNA of several different Carnian animals. Their snouts are long and somewhat thin, filled with backwards facing teeth. Their heads have 4 cybernetic eyes, 2 of which are where the nostrils would usually be. They are quadrupedal, with legs resembling those of rauisuchians. These legs end with feet, which have deadly steel talons. Wallbusters have mechanical tails, armed with many poisonous spikes. Sometimes, these tails end with a deadly tail barb.

Wallbusters are about 190-210 feet long, and weigh up to 100 tons. They are often given titanium nanobot armor.


Wallbusters are sapient, but are completely dependent on Cyberteeth for tools, weapons and other technology. They can only say simple words and sentences.

Use in warEdit

The name of a Wallbuster is very meaningful. Their massive strength means that they can smash through strong walls, and destroy tough buildings.


Each of the 4 cybernetic eyes has a different function.

1st eye: Normal sight.

2nd eye: X-Ray vision.

3rd eye: Electrical vision, in order to sense areas of electricity. This can prove useful for cutting enemy power.

4th eye: Heat/Infrared vision.

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