This episode of Walking with Aliens series tells a story of the life of a female Zanarak, Zaya.

Prologue Edit

Planet Naarg is located close to the center of the universe. It is a beautifull world with lots of small islands and one, giant sea. The blue water is the home of almost 60% species on this planet. One of those species is a herbivore, the fast and agile Zenarak. This magnificent creature is a snake-like animal covered with spikes and feathers. 5 years ago, one of those beauties became a mother. After mating, she laid 10 eggs. But after she went away in search for some leaves, the younglings were left in big danger.

Year 1 Edit

The ten unborn babies are left with no guardiance. This was a huge mistake. A male Seabat smells the smell of the ten deliclouds treats. A Seabat is a space sea serpent. The reason it got it's name is because of the fact that it's got two flippers looking like bat ears. It feeds mostly on smaller creatures, but his favourite prey are eggs. It swims closer. Closer. It almost reached the eggs, but suddenly he hears a terrible sound. It seems like a larger predator is nearby. Unfortunely, that is correct. A huge sea lizard, the Legvanar. It hasn't eaten anything in the past few months. Fortunately for his prey, it doesn't see that well. The attacker swims around, led by his nose. Seabat knows he has no chance against the opponent, so he swims away as fast as possible. The Legvanar has targeted it's food. It charges! Swimming for his life, the egg eater is exhausted. He knows his chances of survival are slim. He needs to find a good hideout. In the meantime, the hunter accidentally pushes some eggs from the nest. They float away in the ocean. Lost. The danger is away, the eggs are safe. For now. The mother returns just a couple of seconds later. Just in time to see the eggs hatch. One of them is the main character - Zaya.

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