The continent of Vulcas

Vulcas is one of the three continents on Dragovia. The others are Tropica and Frostia.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Vulcas is a very abnormal shape. This was remarked on in the first report on the planet by sapient beings. It is a volcanic land, with a total of 3,500 volcanoes. The rest of the continent consisted mostly of cooled lava. The jagged edges of the lava are like glass, so all creatures evolved to live here are thick-skinned.



A pair of volcanoes on Vulcas

Exactly how all Dragovia's volcanoes ended up on one continent is still unknown. Most of Dragovia's history is volcanic eruptions, each one carving a new feature into the land. There have been so many eruptions that a smooth area of ground on Vulcas that measures larger than 10 metres by 10 metres is found extremely rarely, if ever.


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