Vosuqindr Curu ana'Voricia is a Vorian, at the head of the Vorician defense fleet. He is also a Vorian representative in The Assembly.


Curu is a slightly taller than average Vorian, at 3.4 meters tall. His legs account for more of his height than average, but his arms are long enough to give realistic proportions. His face is a mottled grey color, with occasional dark streaks, and has a few bland yellow highlights on the top of his face.

He wears a standard-issue powersuit most of the time, but he wears plate armor during battles. His powersuit has a slightly less powerful repulsor field, as to reserve power for weaponry.


Curu's main weapon is a Vorian Rail-Sniper, delivering more than 1.7 kg of TNT equivalent. He has been highly trained in the use of this, as a trooper. He also carries two Vorian Kinetic Pistols, which he can aim with great accuracy. In addition to this, he also can carry two SMG's into battle, and is known to use a flamethrower. He uses grenades often,

He has a battlecruiser known as The Fatherland. This is a Qilinc-2A class battlecruiser.


Curu is a very relaxed and confident individual, but is also quite lazy. He is loyal to his subordinates and officers, although he is known to be devious on the battlfield, setting up ambushes and traps for the enemy with ease.

He is known to be hot-headed when someone insults his species.


Curu is just over 60 years old, which is equivalent to around 20 in human years.

Early YearsEdit

Curu was created on Voricia, as a soldier-stock individual. He was educated quickly, and became a very bright individual. Once given the option, he became a soldier, living through many battles in the Navy. At the age of 39, he got his hands onto a corvette, starting his career as a commander in the navy.

Military CampaignEdit

As a great commander, Curu was in many long battles against the Yuharon, always managing to escape. A few years after being promoted to a trooper, allowing him to have a corvette, he was promoted yet again to allow him to have a heavy cruiser. With this, he led a small team of ships to battle, starting his main campaign. After many years and several promotions, he became the leader of the Vorician defence fleet, and was introduced to The Fatherland.

Current ActivitiesEdit

Curu has recently led the front in the Vorian-Cybertooth War, which he easily won. Since then, he has been allowed to be a member of The Assembly council, making him the youngest member of the Vorian High Council.

In fictionEdit

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