The Vorian-Cybertooth War
Part of The Titanic Wars
Date 4.000(.019) AM
Location In orbit around Voricia and Carnia
Result Major Vorian victory
Vosuqindr Curu ana'Voricia
1 Vorian Battleship
10 Vorian Battlecruisers
10,000 other Vorian ships
5000 Auctor ships
The Tartarus
50,000 Cybertooth ships
156 Vorian ships
no Auctor ships
20,000 Cybertooth fighter ships
Cyberteeth assimilated into Laoine culture after death of Bloodlust before joining The Assembly.
The Vorian-Cybertooth war was a conflict which saw the near eradication of the Cyberteeth and sparked the creation of The Assembly.


The Cyberteeth originally attacked a Vorian exploratory vessel, which sparked a short, but violent, war between the two of them.

The Cyberteeth outnumbered the Vorians more than 5 to one, but the superior Vorian technology evened the numbers easily. The Vorian ships were also far larger than the Cybertooth ships, causing a tip in the balance. The Tartarus was on the battlefield as well, dealing the most damage.

Auctor troops were the smallest faction, but they had extremely advanced technology. Dominus killed Bloodlust, stopping the conflict.


The conflict started with an exploratory fleet being attacked by the Tartarus. A few Vorian ships managed to flee, being followed by Cybertooth ships. The last Vorian ships of the small fleet were destroyed in the outskirts of the Pari System, where they began to explore. They discovered Voricia, but were encountered by the first Vorician defensive flotilla, and were eradicated.

The Flotilla merged with other fleets, creating an Onluq of 10 thousand ships. They tracked the Cyberteeth the the Viperius Galaxy, and met the Tartarus near Carnia. The main battle ensued, with the Cyberteeth suffering from many losses at the hands of the Vorians.

Just before the destruction of the Tartarus, a small faction of Auctors arrived on the scene. Bloodlust pretended to surrender, but attacked Dominus during a meeting between Vosuqindr Curu ana'Voricia and himself. After Dominus dispatched his foe, the Cyberteeth surrendered, therefore ending the conflict.

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