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Owned Systems:


Main Planet:

Enidaari VI


150-200 years

Home System:



Same as Drazan




7 feet





 The Vordari originate from the planet Enidaari VI in the system Enidaari.


The Vordari are slimy green bipedal reptilian humaniods with four limbs in total. They have a single eye and the ability to charge at the speed of a Suborn if given enugh space and time to build up speed. They rarely tire out and no nutrients in their body go to waste.


The Vordari culture is closely tied in with Drazan. However, the Vordari's culture prevents them from lying to others, though they are masters of manipulating the truth and telling tiny bits of it. They find others of their own wearing clothes rude like the Drazan.


The Vordari goverment is actually the democratic Drazan goverment as well, as they are completely tied in and are treated as equals. They elect their ministers and vote for a Drazan or a Vordari President every 12 years, along with the second and third places getting in as backup presidents in case the first one dies.


The Vordari previously believed that the Drazan were ruling gods until 3,000 years ago when they rebelled and Professor Treni gave them modern lead guns.


Main Article: Vordari/Drazan Technology

The Vordari scientists are currently working on a way to put Niorvent, a mysterious growing metal found inside the Drexlor Tree, into modern armour technology.


The most notable event in Vordari history is 3,000 years ago when they got places in Drazan Parliament.

During the Dark Age, over 3 thousand years ago, the Drazan were divided into four clans; K'Popicus, I'Gopa, Z'Supa and Z'Shawirrn. They were at constant war until the I'Gopa put all the others on the defensive by attacking Z'Supa with hundreds of thousands of Drazan on Suborn, used as mounts ever since. When Z'Supa was conquered, the other two clans surrendered when they saw how much death and destruction was caused by I'Gopa's pyrrhic victory over Z'Supa. The I'Gopa didn't have control for long, though, as they mistreated the Vordari, causing an all out riot. Eventually, J'Rigug Treni, a Drazan scientist secrectly organised the Vordari and gave them pistols and machine guns, far beyond anything they had ever made. This revoltution against their surperiors, who they believed were gods until then, gave the Vordari a place in the Drazan Parliament.


Drazan: Excellent, Alliance

Nareeron: Excellent, Alliance

Notable IndividualsEdit

  • E'Darda Marko (President) ~ Alive (Drazan)
  • Z'Pyra Tani (1st Vice President) ~ Alive (Vordari)
  • R'Beri Tiga (2nd Vice President) ~ Alive (Vordari)

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