The Void Breaker is a ship of unknown origin which has been spotted several times in the Obscura Galaxy. It is shaped as a kite. It has twice the height of earth and 7 times the length. It is dark coloured. All attempts at contact are useless, the ship sends an automatical generated signal when trying to contact them. "We are the people of the voids." is all it says. Afterwards they engage FTL speed and flee. Due to the ships immense size it causes some problems with space and it appears as if space begins to distort in the front when going into FTL. Nothing is known about the weaponry or it's crew.


The ship was first spotted by Friest explorers in the Obscura Galaxy.

The second time was by Abominations who where intimidated and tried to attack. The ships fled as usual.

The third time the ship appeared it were the Trimch who witnessed it.


Not much is known of this ship except it was spotted several times.

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