The Virgo Wildlife Preservation (VWP) society is a private organization in the Viperius Galaxy. The society endeavors to archive the genetic code of every lifeform in the multiverse.

The society is based on Aristotle, although sub-divisions exist on many Viperian planets.


VWP was founded by an Atrenid by the name of Irrvin. Irrvin had witnessed the near extinction of Petaurista's wildlife, and so he decided to stop this sort of close call from re-occuring. Since its formation, the society has archived over ten thousand species, and counting. Individuals from almost every Viperian species have joined, including Salsenes, Zyrothans, Lutrians, and Deraia. Vrah mercenaries are hired in some instances.


The VWP hires operatives to land on planets and search out native life. Animals are subdued with tranquilizer darts, and samples are taken. The creatures are generally released afterwards.

The RDC sometimes gives the VWP access to Dimensional Rifts. With these, they have been able to archive species from other universes.


The VWP often clones animals from their archives, in order to fully study them. They place these animals in planet-wide nature preserves such as Prospero.

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