Verweg, the gas giant of the Waark System

Verweg is a large class PBA gas giant that is last in orbit around Waark.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

This planet is a gas giant, and has many parts.


The rings of Verweg are nearly invisible, and are just fine bands of ice particles and gases. There are few objects bigger than having an average volume of 30 cubic meters.


The atmosphere of Verweg is 81% hydrogen, 12% helium, and 7% other, heavier gases giving it its tint of orange.

Inner contentsEdit

Verweg's insides are mainly metallic hydrogen and other metallic liquids. In the center, due to scanning, it is known to have a rocky core of mainly cooled metals and rocks about 2 times the size of Tegenstrijdig.


Verweg has a small system of moons, but few are big enough to colonize. The largest ones include Uitbarsten, a volcanic world, Zwaarijs, a small, cold moon, and Rawgezein, a moon that strangely cannot be picked up by standard radar.


When first seen, Verweg seems like an ordinary gas giant. However, when you get closer, you will see the massive storms swirling on its surface, giving it an eerie look. The moons also add quite an exquisite look to it.

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