Vers Forest The primary landscape of Slijmbos, the continent translates to "Slime Forest." The environment is dominated by the mighty Zorlakk to the humble Gifshroef, to the tiny airborne Slijmvogel. and other such creatures. The air is filled with a strange gas that is produced by the ground, all living things native to the forest are immune too, and the trees are filled with an unusual misty green sap that has nauseatic properties when contact is made.


The Vers Forest. Note the high amounts of moss



Drenkenvat, large, towering trees with an average height of about 230-280 meters, can have several types of foliage on one tree. One such example is how a regular Drenkenvat's bottom-most foliage are small scale-like extensions of its bark. A little higher, and the extensions turn into soft, longer leaves, with visible veins. At the 100 meter mark, large branches form, with banana tree-like extensions forming on the sides. Farther up, stiff, flat leaves lay at the top, harvesting sunlight. Farther up, till the 230-280 mark, the foliage is but vines that wrap around the trunk of the tree.

At the top, there is a large hole almost the size of the width of the tree, containing tree slime. This vat of slime runs all the way down to the roots. The open spot contains seeds in the slime, which the Slijmvogel gulp down for nourishment, and throught their droppings spread future drenkenvat.

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