Vermillion hills

An image taken from the Salsene probe

The Vermillion Hills is a tropical region on Kaventro isolated by mountains.


A wide variety of habitats exist in the Vermillion Hills: jungle, plains---and, of course, hills.


The Vermillion Hills possess several unusual properties. The water has a distinct taste, seemingly sweet, and exhibits minor regenerative properties. The rocks from which the hills and cliffs are made are also unusual. In addition to the standard chemical properties and minerals contained within, they also contain different types of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins, among others, meaning that with the proper equipment these rocks are in fact edible. The Hills are inhabited by many forms of life, including the majestic Feng-Huang, gentle Ki-Lin, and a variety of dolosids.


The second Salsene probe on Kaventro landed in the Vermillion Hills.

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