Picture of a taxidermied ventbeast. From The Mist.

Ventbeasts are vicious crustaceans that live around hydrothermal vents, at the bottom of the oceans of Thanatos.


Ventbeasts resemble 4-legged spiders, but they are actually a type of crustacean. When alive, there are dark in color. When they die, they become a dull beige.

They have keratinous structures resembling teeth, which they use to kill prey. They are 3 feet long, and 2.5 feet tall.


Ventbeasts feed mainly on shrimps and sessile worms which also inhabit Thanatonian hydrothermal vents. They also feed on dead animals which float down from above.

Raptor sapiensEdit

Raptors often catch ventbeasts when trawling for fish. This means that they are extremely popular with Raptor sapiens taxidermists. They never survive being taken from the hydrothermal vents.

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