The Vengeance is the flagship of the Krijgvolk fleet.


The Vengeance is around 120km in length, designed to be very blocky for maximum protection. The armor is warsteel, around 500m in thickness on most areas.

This large ship is armed with 250 Kwakkogel, or large mass drivers, 50 hydrogen missile pods, 10 recently developed helium missile pods, 1000 gigawatt-class lasers, and a frontal terawatt-class laser. It also has several bombs and hundreds of thousands of small missiles. There are 15000 escape capsules.

This ship has a million permenant crew members, and carries 10 Fighters.

The main power sources are multiple laser-initiated fusion sources and fusion tori, but there are many backup solar panels and fission sources. All of the power sources combined produce fifty terawatts.


Often seen fighting alongside the battleship Thor, and has seen much battle during the global conquering of Tegenstrijdig. It is currently used to escort Lord Thamek Jaarak when going from planet to planet.

It is also a place for scientific testing. Currently, thousands of scientists work on zero-gravity experiments. However, the ship has a gravity simulator, so they must use elevators to get to the testing facilities.

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