Venenodon is a large amphibian, and the dominant predator on Swamp Island, on Saaristo.


Venenodon is a large predator, eight metres long. It has strong teeth for crushing bones, and a wide mouth. It has two fairly large eyes, and a protective film over the eyes to protect them underwater. They can hold their breath for an hour, or two at most.

There is no distinction between the body, head and tail of a Venenodon; they are all 'merged' together.

It is a fairly squat animal, with legs spreading out to the sides, like lizards. This means it spends a lot of its time in water, only coming out to lunge at prey, or reproduce. Despite this, it can move fast over short distances.

Their most deadly weapon is the poison carried in their teeth; named cardiac-obturamentum, or heart stopper, it does literally that, disabling the heart in less than an hour. This means the Venenodon can follow the victim.


They are solitary hunters, getting together only to mate. When this is done, they will come out of water to lay eggs, and create a nest near the edge of a swamp, concealed by reeds. Eggs are laid in clutches of five to ten, and abandoned after laying. When an egg hatches, the creature inside heads straight to the water, where multiple threats await it.


They are the apex predators on Swamp Island, feeding on just about all the other animals they can reach. They hunt as mentioned above; either by dragging the victim into the swamp and drowning it, or using its venom.


They live in the swamp, only occasionally coming out. This means they are adapted for a mainly aquatic life.

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