The Velkoda System is a star system in the Viperius Galaxy, centered on a class-G2 star. It is orbited by seven planets: Pytzen, Mychurek, Dzuternak, Lopszan, Sytezmok, Dezt'skalek, and Dejtmavek. One of its planets, Sytezmok, is home to a sapient species, the Chyztrek.


The Velkoda System is contained on the boundaries of Jogorian territory, slightly closer to the core, and as such, Centro. This aided in the Chyztrek discovery of other races, when they landed on the surface, seeing intelligent life on it.

They were initially fostered by the Jogorians due to their location, but did not choose to enter the Jaonu War. However, they did join The Trade War a few days after the Jogorians.

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