A large predatory winged reptile native to Carnia, these creatures are rather smart. Once the Carnian sapients captured 10 of them, they made them sapient and gave them cyborg parts for use in wars. This turned out to be very foolish, and within weeks, most life on the planet perished.


At first, they may resemble a Komodo dragon with wings, until you see that they are a dark blue to pitch black color. Also, they have 4 spikes on their tail, much like Stegosaurus. And their teeth are rather conical, and no serrations, only carinae. Each tooth contains deadly venom that is strong enough to kill an Amphicoelias fragillmus. Also, they have armoured backs covered in scutes. Varanadraco jaws are also more crocodile like.


This flying predator fed on various herbivores of Carnia, until the Cybertooth War wiped out most lifeforms. Now they are fed on rizzak in Tartarus Zoo, as the natural form of this genus is extinct in the wild outside of Thanatos. The Thanatos population feeds on any animal smaller than themselves.


Varanadraco are rather intelligent, although not quite at terrortooth levels. Their cyborg version is sapient.


Outside of the large population on Thanatos, normal, untouched Varanadraco are extinct in the wild.

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