Varana from space


Kamodan Galaxy, Viperius System

Planetary Class



Styracosaurus Rider

Varana is a terrestrial planet in the Kamodan Galaxy of the Viperius System. It is home to the militaristic Yraath.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Varana sits on the warmer edge of the star system's habitable zone.

Structure and AppearanceEdit

Varana map

Map of Varana

Although Varana consists of one main landmass, it is divided into seperate continents.

The terrain consists largely of wet, humid rainforest (although these areas continue to be developed rapidly by the Yraath). Dry savanna rests in the middle of the landmass.


Varana is dominated by the Yraath, a reptilian race of sapients. The vast majority of Yraath are hostile and wage war against all other species.

Several native lifeforms exist in the planet's jungles, although the majority of the large fauna has been hunted to extinction.

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