The scarred side of Valtava

Valtava is Obiplyn's largest moon.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Valtava is roughly 5,500 kilometres in diameter. This means it is capable of holding an atmosphere. A long time back, some unknown phenomenom occured and carved great scars into Valtava's landscape. When it was first discovered, it was believed the craters could harbour life - it was not so.


Valtava orbits Obiplyn at a distance of one million miles, and takes about 15 days to perform a complete revolution.


Valtava's atmosphere consists largely of nitrogen, with small amounts of carbon dioxide and hydrogen. There are also traces of methane, carbon monoxide, argon, helium and many others. Once this was proved, it was decided once and for all that there could be no life on Valtava.

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