The VCB or Virus Cluster Bomb is an extremely dangerous breed of viruses. The main goal for the VCB is to overide the Hyperian HPRG. It easily deletes multiple enemy programs by hacking into any program, preferably an AV, who is usually in a group, or a CP, who is usually surround by AVs, and uses all possible memory stored to somehow delete itself in such a voilent manner that it actually "bombs" the database. The programs within a small range will get immediatley deleted, giving the VCB the title "The Kamakaze Virus".

Unlike most viruses, the VCB duplicates itself before it looks for a host. This ensures the virus that it has enough memory to duplicate itself before it kamakazes.

Fortuanetly, the VCB does not bomb very often as it is very large and contains lots of memory space for its "bombing". This makes it an easy spot for AVs. However, once hacked into a program, DPs cannot delete them safely, if deleted while within a program, it will still "explode".

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