The Urals are a race of sapient beings native to an unknown planet in the Lucifer Galaxy. There are only a few of these beings left in the universe, as most have been systematically eradicated by the Kerarans.


Urals resemble huge, bipedal rhinos, with thick gray skin and small horns coming from the nasal area. An adult Ural can grow to be fifteen feet tall.

Urals will gain an extra horn for every fifty years of their life; the average lifespan is about two hundred, so the eldest generally have four horns by the end of their lives.



Herbivores, the Urals are peaceful by nature. Almost all of them abhorr war, and hate the fact that it is necessary in their part of the universe.


The Urals are traditionally lead by a High Council of wise elders. However, in recent years an individual known as Konnor has assumed control of their government, so as to lead their race in battle. Konnor is a charismatic individual, who believes that the only hope of truly defeating the Kerarans is for all opposing races to join forces and combat them.


The Urals are at Technological Class VIII. They have invented a large number of starships, which they use for various purposes.


The Urals existed peacefully on their home planet for thousands of years. Because of their slow rate of breeding, they did not need to fight over land and resources as much as other races.

However, this "Reign of Peace" did not last forever. The Kerarans invaded, and killed or enslaved 90% of their population. The few that remained were forced to flee from their homeworld, where they became reluctant warriors battling against the Keraran Empire.

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