Wonderful planet

An artist's rendition of the surface of Uoroaen

Uoroaen is a mildly terraformed world orbiting second
Shaorean of the Noiyarna system. It is naturally grey and ashen, but has enough atmosphere for allied, less advanced species in the Laoine Domain, such as the Rovians and Vorians.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

A mildly terraformed world, and an average Noiyarnic planet, Uoroaen is silicon based and has a low gravity.


Uoroaen's diameter is approximately 5000 kilometers in measurement, and its density is 5.2 g/cm^3. This makes its gravity a bit less than Earth's. Its size makes it a popular hub for less advanced species' colonies. They also have main embassies here.


Mainly silicate, Uoroaen has very little minerals of value. Its surface used to be covered in ash, but was 'vacuumed' up when Laoine terraformed the planet. Now, it is covered with giant plateaus and cliffs. However, its heat is not natural. In its now thick atmosphere, Laoine have placed Vorian technology that heats up the atmosphere using massive generators that give off heat.


Minorly habitable, at class TFE, Uoroaen has a thick atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and several other gases. Laoine have introduced several engineered organisms to cope with the rough soil. These organisms add nutrients to the soil, and keep the cycle of gases going.


Uoroaen is majorly grey and green, but has occasional lakes of water for Laoine 'Uberscanners' which monitor over a large amount of the area. Several craters can still be seen, but most have been covered up. Its atmosphere provides some cloud cover, and this can be seen from space.

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