Undrishuar (pronounced UN-dree-SHWAA) is a relatively small universe in Obeidon, home to the Bishuart. It was used as a testing ground for evolution and biology by an ancient species who seeded worlds with creatures from other worlds, 300 million years ago. This means that many of the creatures can be traced back to other planets. Many worlds have had time speeded up in them using 'negative gravitational technology', although all temporal devices had broken within 10 million years. It is believed that the founder race destroyed themselves in a universe-wrecking civil war.

Some planets are biomechanical, created by the experimenting species. There are many mechanical creatures as well. There are space organisms too, and one planet even has an entire mechanical skin.

Notable inhabitantsEdit

The Bishaurts, a powerful XI-class sapient descended from copepods obtained from Dinoterra. They had 420 million subjective years of evolution.

The Doer, the rivals of the Bishaurts. They had a shared First Contact with the Bishaurts, and have only just stopped their warfare.

The Arlekt, a race of sapient archosauromorph descended from a species seeded from Dinoterra.

The Hegan, an isolated race which is the most powerful known here. They are descended from Diphelios of Tegenstrijdig.

Notable locationsEdit

The Auron galaxy, home of the Bishaurts, Hegan and Doer. It is mostly stable, diplomatically.

The Rignath galaxy, similar to the Viperius galaxy in that it is filled to the brim with races.

The Septir galaxy is a galaxy recovering from invasion by a mark-X species. Most races are undergoing expansion again.

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